Another Great Paul House Article

On December 27th the Tennessean published another great article on the case of Paul House written by Dwight Lewis. It can be found HERE. I did not get the article up sooner because I was visiting my family in Seattle over break. I actually just received a phone call from Paul’s mother, Joyce House, asking if I had read it. I then proceeded to complain to her about how sick I was and that I had a nagging cough. I made an appointment today to see a doctor this afternoon. Paul House has advanced multiple sclerosis and is receiving meager prison health care, what a world we live in. Below is a small sample of the article:

“How long of a road must a person travel to freedom when he’s innocent of the crime for which he has been condemned to die? Is it 10 years? Is it 20 years? Until he dies in a prison cell under the watchful eyes of the state?”

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