We wouldn’t want to be Dull Boys now, would we?

I won’t deny that, if you read us regularly, you probably get the impression that being an abolitionist organizer is a lot of work. Ok, I admit it, it is. Randy and I probably work about 70 hours a week on average. I personally aim to take a day off every two weeks. But we have fun too.

Case in point: Yesterday I was on the road fairly early heading off, once again, to Bethel College, to do presentations to 3 classes as well as a meeting or two and a conference call squeezed in. Now I gave three hour-long talks, at 10:00, 1:00, and 2:00. But after getting out of the 2:00 talk and a long and very rewarding discussion about what constitutes healing and forgiveness with a few students, I had to get right back on the road, but not before I went on a 4-D extravaganza. See Bethel had a ride set up where your wore funny 3-D glasses sat on a platform that rocked and were sprayed with water all while the screen in front of you gave the illusion of movement.

OK, it may sound cheesy, but it was fun and a great way to spend five minutes to decompress after angry listeners and hostile audiences, where it took me a while to win over some (and certainly not all) of the participants, by talking about who actually ends up on death row (i.e. the poor, racial minorities, and the mentally ill). So:

Take a few minutes and have some fun;
It’ll help you to git ‘er done.

All work and no play, remember.

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