Visiting the Row

When I first took the position of TCASK’s field organizer I inquired upon the utility of visiting someone on death row. I was genuinely interested in doing it for a number of reasons and initially was interested because I wanted to gain a perspective on the actual population that our mission is working to save. I yearned to see death row, talk to inmates, and better understand the pain and suffering they have gone through, caused, and are still experiencing. Two months later, I am in the beginning stages of the death row visitation process and I now have a slightly altered perspective of what it means to be a visitor, albeit, I’ll have a full perspective once I begin visitation.

I have begun corresponding with a member of Tennessee’s death row (who I will likely visit) by writing the individual a letter talking about myself, what I like to do, and what my interests are. While writing the letter there were points when I questioned some of the content of my writing and whether or not I should express detail into my travels, playing sports and other activities that as a free man, I enjoy. What I realized though was that in holding back and attempting to write a “shell” letter about my life and what I enjoy, it would be hard to truly develop a friendship with this person. I felt that, this person, this stranger who might someday become my friend, deserves to be exposed fully to who I am. All too often, the members of death row are dehumanized into nothing more than a number, a statistic. Is it not possible that they too have the very same interests that we have as free members of society revel in?

I know that through this process I will learn about death row and see the population that our organization fights for. But, I believe what is most important, is that I will soon begin a relationship with a person who needs a friend. I want to be someone they can count on, someone they can call when they feel down, and someone that can bring some light into their life. Conversely, I hope that I can go to them when I’m feeling down and that they will bring some light into my life, because, every single person on this earth, former murderers and rapists included, has some light to give.

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