The Beginning of the End?

Within hours of the seismic event out of Nebraska – the legislature’s override of the governor’s veto of death penalty repeal – the media seized upon a long-known truth among the death penalty movement: Conservatives will vote to end capital punishment.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow exemplified the shock likely held by many media outlets that this moment was both curious and unexpected. Nebraska, however, could prove to be the norm, as bipartisan sponsorship of a repeal bill (with many more conservative co-sponsors) breezed through three rounds of voting, before enduring a tense override debate and vote. With previous vote counts north of 30 yays – the necessary vote to maintain a veto-proof majority – the final count of 30-19 provided more than a legislative session’s worth of drama in two hours of debate and statements.

Yesterday’s surprise is today’s reality as Nebraska is the nineteenth state to repeal the death penalty in the United States. Perhaps more fittingly for tomorrow is that Nebraska is the first conservative state in forty years to repeal, and all signs point to this novelty wearing off as other conservative states will follow suit. Time magazine’s latest cover story raises the thought on everyone’s mind: Is this the beginning of the end? It just might be, and if it is we will remember that it began with Nebraska.

Photo source: NY Times


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