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In Sunday’s Tennessean in the Opinion section, the paper explored the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision concerning the constitutionality of the current lethal injection protocols. Opinions by Attorney David Raybin and Wally Kirby, director of the District Attorneys General Conference, also appeared. The paper highlighted the opinion of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stevens, the co-author of the court’s 1976 decision reinstating the death penalty, who now believes that all capital punishment is unconstitutional.

The Tennessean goes on to quote Justice Stevens in his opinion written on April 16 which states that “the time for a dispassionate, impartial comparison of the enormous costs that death penalty litigation imposes on society with the benefits that it produces has surely arrived.” The Tennessean concurs saying, “It has indeed. Can Governor Bredesen and his counterparts in 35 other states that impose the death penalty acknowledge that it is so?”

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