Retired Georgia Commissioner of Corrections Regrets Executions

Those who attended the TDAP Student Conference this past weekend (February 22) will recall former penitentiary warden (Oregon) Frank Thompson’s conclusion that, in overseeing the state’s two executions, he was asking his staff “to carry out the premeditated death of a human being in the name of a policy that I knew was a failure.” Add Dr. Allen Ault to the growing list of correctional personnel who have serious objections to the death penalty. Ault, a psychologist by training who was Commissioner of Corrections for the state of Georgia, was charged with supervising the state’s executions.  Ault recently spoke publicly concerning his regrets after overseeing five executions, as well as his need for counseling to deal with the guilt and trauma. A link to the full story can be found here.

Picture by BBC




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