Ray Krone Shares Powerful Story of Wrongful Conviction in Knoxville

Last night, TADP traveled to Knoxville for an event to raise awareness about the problems with our broken death penalty system as part of the Amnesty International’s  2013 Human Rights Week at the University of Tennessee. The featured speaker was Ray Krone, the 100th death row exoneree in the U.S. and the Director of Membership and Training at Witness to Innocence, an organization working to end the death penalty that is composed of, by and for exonerated death row survivors and their loved ones.

Krone explained to the crowd how he endured two trials and numerous appeals before being released after ten years behind bars when DNA evidence pointed to the real perpetrator. The Knoxville News Sentinel covered the event and wrote a great article reflecting the evening’s conversation.

A special thank you to Jayanni Webster and members of the Knoxville Chapter of TADP and Aaron Wiek and Amnesty International’s University of Tennessee chapter for helping to coordinate this presentation. Also, thank you to Witness to Innocence, UT’s Black Law Students Association as well as the Departments of Sociology, Political Science, Geography, and Africana studies for co-sponsoring the event!

(Photo of Ray Krone courtesy of James Staub)

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  1. Skylar says:

    There’s a difference beweetn reading a text of the interview and actually watching the interview. In texts, you get none of the feelings behind words sometimes, you don’t know if the person stutters or struggles to find the words unless the text tells you. So I don’t think a text is an accurate representation of a person and their interview.However what I did get from the text is that she is against the death penalty, but whats so unique about her stance is that its not in a firm, ‘I’m against the death penalty and I don’t care what you think,’ but more in a way that convenes that if you saw whats going on in a death row situation, you would understand her position, as she stated the third question. And I think thats the message she is trying to get across about the death penalty, its a horrifying concept in some aspects of it, which for those reasons should not be legalized in the first place.Her argument about the death penalty is different then what I’ve seen so far, it is the atrocity of the death penalty, which I think she is trying to portray through dead man walking, and in this way I think that she is trying to present a different concept to consider about why the death penalty should be abolished that had never been considered before when this movie came out. This makes it all the more an even more interesting movie to watch with this piece of information in the back of your head.I think the way the question was phrased about what type of person would do this type of work is inaccurate in a way, it has more to do with why would someone do this. She talks about how she saw someone die from deathrow personally, thats her motivation, its not what she is, it is why she is doing it, she’s trying to do it to raise awareness about the death penalty.

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