Montana Senate Endorses Death Penalty Repeal

In a 26-24 bi-partisan vote on Monday, the Montana Senate moved that state closer to repeal of the death penalty. 

Supporters argued that the risk of executing an innocent person is too great, the cost too high, and the policy continues to disproportinately affect the poor and minorities.   

“Whether you are or not with the moral issue, there is a practical issue of spending money,” said Ryan Zinke, R-Whitefish.

The bill faces one more Senate vote on Tuesday and then heads to the House.

This outcome in Montana is further evidence that people from across the political and ideological spectrum are finding that the death penalty is  wasteful and ineffective and does not serve to prevent crime. In fact, money spent pursuing death sentences is money that could be spent on proven crime prevention measures such as increased resources for law enforcement, access to mental heath care, and drug treatment programs.  Sadly, it is just such programs that are on the chopping block in states like Tennessee where lawmakers continue to ignore the realities of our own state’s failed death penalty system.  

But, the conversation is changing. With more education about this problematic policy and less dollars to spend, more and more citizens will speak out for change, moving other states in the same direction as Illinois and Montana.  

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