Maryland Governor Gives Heartfelt Speech on Repeal

Earlier this week, Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley held a press conference announcing his administration’s support for repeal of the death penalty in his state.

“To govern is to choose” said O’Malley. “And particularly in an era of limited budget resources, every dollar that we choose to spend on a policy that is wasteful and does not work – when instead we could be doing more of the things that do work to protect life – seems to me to run counter to the pragmatic ‘do the things that work’ governance that is the hallmark of our State, and what our people desire.”

He went on to say “We know what works. Investing in law enforcement. Investing in data-driven policing. Increasing the availability of drug treatment. Performance measurement. Strengthening partnerships between police and neighbors. Investing in the latest crime fighting technologies, DNA analysis, healing vulnerable families – these are the things that work to reduce violent crime and save lives. The death penalty does not work.”

“…who do we choose to be? In whose company to we choose to walk forward?” asked O’Malley after listing the other countries who have the most executions, including China, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

“Will we be a society guided by the notion that two wrongs somehow make a right? Or will we be a society that’s guided by the fundamental civil and human rights that we understand are bestowed on humankind by God? A society guided by the dignity of every individual. A society that is always moving forward to what’s right.”

To read his full speech, click here.

(photo of O’Malley’s press conference courtesy of

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