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tcask occasionally gets correspondence from the old world to which we respond … it’s not state based organizing but it is relationship building that pushes the issue forward onto the world stage … here’s a simple example…

Dear Alec,

I don’t know anyone who condones murder … and I feel as you do. To critically oppose the death penalty as a public policy tool of the state is not in conflict with holding a high regard for public safety and holding perpetrators of violent crime accountable for their actions. The systems of adjudicating the death penalty all throughout the United States spend vast amounts of tax dollars that would be better spent on crime prevention, crime victims’ services, mental health care services, and excellent educational experiences for all children.

Thank you for sharing your feelings and concern. We have many members in the U.K. and would love to count you among them. To donate to and join our campaign visit our website at http://www.tcask.org/ and click on a donate button. To read our organizing blog, tcask:on the road to abolition, visit http://www.tcask.blogspot.com/.

peace out — <3

randy tatel
aka the tennessee dude

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From: Savagestarter@aol.com
To: tcask@tcask.org
Sent: Wednesday, January 25, 2006 3:28 PM
Subject: death penalty


i live in England, uk. i am writing in support of what you are trying to do.i have read some of the death row inmate profiles, & it astounds me how your court system doesn’t sometimes even consider the mental health of the offenders. i cannot condone murder, but some of these poor people are obviously mentally ill. they need help,not given a life of no hope. death must seem the easy option. i find this a poor way to appease the victims loved ones. god forbid, if it was me in their place i would feel very let down even patronised by the courts. it would make me feel better & more at peace if the courts tried to find out why it happened & looked for ways to stop it happening. “prevention is better than cure”. please dont think i am anti U.S.A laws, but i cant help the way i feel. thanks for reading.

best wishes & good luck,


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