Hair Found on Body Not House’s

An independent lab has found that the hair discovered in the hand of Carolyn Muncey did not belong to Paul House. This hair was considered to be the last piece of critical evidence potentially linking House to the murder of Muncey in 1983. Before the testing of the hair, District Attorney Paul Phillips stated that he would consider dropping the charges if the hair did not belong to House. Despite that statement and the validation that the hair does not belong to House, Phillips is planning on going on with the case. In fact, Phillips believes that the hair, which belongs to a male, could bolster a new prosecution theory. “We have statements suggesting Mr. House was with other males on the night of Carolyn Muncey’s death,” Phillips said. “The fact that this hair in her hand was not (House’s) or her husband’s is consistent with (House) being with other males that night” (

It sounds like D.A. Phillips is grasping at straws. House’s Federal Defender, Stephen Kissinger stated “The evidence at trial has been totally undercut and the new evidence tends to even more clearly demonstrate Paul Houses innocence,” Kissinger said. “He (Phillips) continues to move forward with the case which he knows has no merit whatsoever” (

The state of Tennessee is in a financial crisis and this expensive and time consuming trial is moving forward. The money of hard working Tennesseans and the taxes they pay should not be wasted on this frivolous trial. Paul House should join the growing list of those released from death row when evidence of their innocence emerged. Yesterday, this list grew to 130 as Michael Blair was exonerated from a 1993 murder with DNA evidence. You can read more about this by clicking HERE.

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