Former Georgia Prison Warden Discusses Impact of Executions

Dr. Allen Ault, recently appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, discussing the effects of executions on prison employees. Dr. Ault discussed the difficult questions prison officials face when participating in an execution.

He said, “You’re killing somebody. And there`s no denying that. And especially when we know that several people have been declared innocent with the new scientific techniques, and we’re not real sure if the individual we’re executing this evening or next week is really guilty – that in itself, that kind of doubt. The other thing most of us know [is] all the research which indicates that capital punishment does not deter… it seems so illogical to say to the public we do not want you to kill, and to demonstrate that, we’re going to kill individuals.”

Dr. Ault was among the group of six retired prison wardens who asked for Georgia corrections officials as well as Governor Nathan Deal to act to stop the execution of Troy Davis. Davis was executed on Sept. 21, 2011.  

Dr. Ault also recounted his experience with victims’ family members after an execution: “In every execution that I attended, I spent time with the victim’s family. And most of the victims’ families that I talked with, they thought they were going to get a lot of relief or closure from the execution. And in most cases, they did not.”

The impact on corrections employees who are asked to oversee and carry out these executions is little discussed in the continuing debates about the death penalty. For most of us, an execution is an abstract concept, but for these individuals, some of whom may have known the inmate for years, taking someone’s life, even if it is legally sanctioned, is not a philosophical exercise but is real and often traumatic.

With alternatives like life or life without parole, why do we continue to ask state employees to carry out executions on our behalf, knowing the potential psychological toll it is taking on them and their families?  This is yet another reason, in an already long list of reasons, why the death penalty system needs to go.  

The Rachel Maddow Show.

Picture by Beej Jorgenson.

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  1. Julie Guthrie says:

    Testimonials from ‘the executioners’ is powerful stuff—apparently not as powerful as the georgia fraternal order of police(!)—has this man organized anything to continue his beliefs?

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