DPIC Publishes New Report on 35th Anniversary of Death Penalty Reinstatement

Entitled “Struck by Lightning: The Continuing Arbitrariness of the Death Penalty Thirty-Five Years After Its Reinstatement in 1976,” this report by the Death Penalty Information Center details how despite years of attempted reform, the use of capital punishment in the U.S.  remains “arbitrary and unfair.” In conjunction with statistics showing disparities grounded in geography, race, and socioeconomic status, the report also explains how the majority of Justices serving on the Supreme Court in 1976 have since determined that the “death penalty experiment failed.” The report concludes, “Thirty-five years of experience have taught the futility of trying to fix this system.  Many of those who favored the death penalty in the abstract have come to view its practice very differently.  They have reached the conclusion that if society’s ultimate punishment cannot be applied fairly, it should not be applied at all.”

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