Deadly Error

An article by law professor Dan Simon recently appeared in The Huffington Post concerning the National Registry of Exonerations, a registry launched this month that lists 890 men and women who were wrongfully convicted for serious crimes.  The registry tracks exonerations only since 1988 and does not include over 1,000 individuals exonerated through large-scale police scandals.

The article describe common-sense procedures that could be easily enacted by law enforcement and district attorneys to greatly limit the number of mistakes, provide more confidence in the system, and limit frivolous defense claims which would decrease the number of appeals. Unfortunately, not enough jurisdictions are making the needed changes, but where it is happening, the results are striking. For example, Dally County, Texas, once plagued with such problems, is now a shining example of a criminal justice process that may be one of the fairest and most accurate in the nation since the the district attorney and police chief adopted new protocols.

Is it too much to ask that the best procedures be in place when a person’s freedom or life may be on the line?  We can do better.

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