Creature Comforts

I don’t like to stereotype, but there is something to be said for a “woman’s touch” to the office. I am simply (and probably very lightly) put not a decorator. My taste, as anyone who has seen me dress, is horrendous, and I just don’t worry much about my surroundings. Now since Stacy has come into the office, we’ve had a much more decorative leader. And she’s been bringing in plants and pictures. Now, on Sunday, it’s time for the big move, we are (drum roll please) reorganizing the office. We’re moving Stacy to a private office where she can do all her important Executive Director things, and rearranging the other desks and furniture to create a more friendly and functional office environment, including a meeting and eating area, a resources area, and at least 3 work stations so we can bring in new staff (we hope) as well as interns and regular volunteers.

And there are lots of opportunities for volunteers. We need someone (or lots of someones) to help us with updating our database for the legislative session, because as we go into it, we need to know how many supporters we have in each legislative district, and we need to be able to contact them. Database work isn’t the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s something that makes a huge impact on our work and even the shy and retiring can do it. We need people to work on developing materials around specific cases, and to help with long-term projects, like the Circle of Grace program. We need people to make phone calls on a regular basis. We even need people to help us move furniture on Sunday.

And last, but not least, we need some wonderful person to donate a small couch to the TCASK office. You see, we work very long hours a lot of the time, and when we’re talking strategy, or reading case briefings, or making phone calls, it can be really nice to have something other than a straight-backed chair to sit in. Plus it makes the office so much more homey (our last office had a couch, and I even choreographed a little dance to celebrate it). The more comfortable we are in our office, the more efficiently we can all work to end the death penalty once and for all and shut this office down!

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