Conservative Judge Rethinks Death Penalty

Seeking the death penalty from a system that is inefficient, ineffective, and extremely costly has given a retired California Superior Court judge second thoughts. In an opinion piece in the L.A. Times,  Judge Donald A. McCartin reflects on his years on the bench, years in which he sentenced 10 men to die.  Judge McCartin, known as “the hanging judge” is now convinced that the death penalty exacts a painful and consuming emotional toll on surviving  family members of murder victims who endure years of suffering waiting for an execution to be carried out. Most are still waiting.

Judge McCartin also attests to the millions of dollars spent by taxpayers  to maintain the death penalty when only a tiny percentages of murderers receive the sentence. These are tax dollars that could be redirected for essentials now on the budgetary chopping block with looming cuts to kindergartens, universities, and people with special needs.

Judge McCartin’s reflection is a reminder that this issue transcends political party and  ideology as the death penalty has become so completely ineffective, costly, and painful for all involved that it serves no one and in fact, inflicts far more pain than it prevents.  

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