Connecticut Repeals Death Penalty, California Prepares for Ballot Intiative

On Wednesday, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy signed legislation repealing the death penalty, making Connecticut the 17th state in the nation without a death penalty!

Connecticut is the fifth state in five years to put an end to the death penalty, after  Illinois, New Mexico, New Jersey, and New York along with many other states considering repeal (Montana, Colorado, Kansas, and Maryland). A recent New York Times editorial captured much of this action taking place across the country, declaring, “Connecticut is part of a growing movement against capital punishment.” Additionally, Connecticut’s success is due in large part to the voices of more than 180 family members of murder victims who do not believe that the death penalty serves their needs.

And in California, the nation-wide momentum towards abolition is growing stronger as state organizers recently got the necessary signatures to get death penalty repeal as an issue on the November ballot. Over 800,000 Californians signed in the effort to give voters the ability to abolish the death penalty, which if passed would commute the sentences of over 700 people on California’s death row, the largest death row in the country, from death to life without parole.

Each new state that repeals the death penalty opens the doors a little wider for states like ours still wrestling with this failed system. We applaud the efforts all around the country, and hope that these successes continue to build towards a future without the death penalty.

Photo Courtesty of Jessica Hill, File | AP Photo

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