But I WANT to go to work!

I admit it, I’m from New York. Things are different there. Who would have thought that a few inches of snow could have caused such an uproar? I mean it takes a lot of snow to keep us down.

But, OK, things are a little different down here. Snow is a much bigger deal and we did have some snow this last weekend. Unfortunately, TCASK also had our quarterly state board meeting on Saturday. On Sunday morning, I was supposed to drive to Memphis to give a talk and a sermon, but on Saturday morning, I got a call saying that we weren’t going to have a quorum in attendance, so the board meeting was off.

Sigh. Well now, what am I going to do with myself today?

Enter the telephone again. And it’s my contact in Memphis saying that they expect a very small turnout for worship on Sunday, because of all the ice, and it probably isn’t worth my making the trip, so in the span of a couple of hours I went from having a nice full weekend with lots to do, to being completely free. WHAT’S GOING ON HERE!?

But, as I remarked a few days ago, even as the most conscientious organizers, we can’t possibly plan for everything (which includes, it turns out, the lack of travel through snow). On the upside, on Friday afternoon, we had a car break down here, so I wasn’t able to get a lot of the work done that had been sitting on my desk all week, and I suppose, since I have to on the road three days next week, having a weekend to relax and catch up on some work isn’t the worst thing ever.

So, I hope that everyone had a good weekend. I did my best to take it easy (I mean I didn’t come into the office until Sunday afternoon- that’s pretty good, right?)

Hope y’all come back re-energized for abolition work, because it’s a long road ahead of us (though not as long as we may think sometimes)

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