Better Things to Do

Thanks to Dwight Lewis of The Tennessean who again is highlighting the ongoing problems with the death penalty–this time focusing on lethal injection. Lewis recalls that last year, now retired State Supreme Court Justice Adolpho A. Birch asked the Governor to suspend the use of lethal injection in Tennessee, citing problems with the procedure. However, the Governor finally took notice only earlier this month after a hearing had been called by U.S. District Judge Aleta Trauger, who wanted state officials to bring forth the state’s procedures.

When the Attorney General sat down and looked at the procedures, seemingly important matters, such as the amount of chemicals to be used in the execution, were lacking. The Governor is quoted as saying, “From what I can tell, there was nothing wrong with the two executions (that have been carried out in the state since 1960); it was simply a matter of stuff that ought to be spelled out in great detail and very carefully so there are no mistakes.”

Good luck on the “no mistakes” part. As far as I know, nothing or no one is immune to making mistakes, particularly in a large, complex institution like state government. Will mistakes continue to be made no matter how the state dresses up the protocol? Absolutely. Will mistakes continue to be made in a system which sometimes sends innocent people to death row? Just ask Paul House. When are we going to stop spending so much time and money on a system that has failed and continues to fail? Don’t we have better things to do?

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