Benefit Concert a Smashing Success

This past weekend marked the 12th Annual National Habeas Corpus Seminar. Here’s a description of what that seminar entails just in case you were curious: “This nationally-recognized program, the only one of its kind, focuses on representation in capital habeas cases in toto. Habeas experts discuss issue identification, investigation, factual and legal development and representation of claims, the use of mitigation and mental health experts, and substantive and procedural habeas corpus jurisprudence. The program is designed for, and attendance is limited to, Federal Defender staff, Criminal Justice Act panel attorneys, and state court practitioners who are currently appointed, or seeking appointment to, a capital habeas corpus proceeding.”

Now I’m not a fancy big city lawyer (Simpsons quote for you fans out there), and some of the terms above I don’t understand. What I do know though is that this seminar attracts some of the best lawyers out there (many of which work on death penalty cases) and gives them the tools to do their jobs even better. And, it’s facilitated by the best of the best in that field. These lawyers and experts work hard, but they also know how to play hard, which is why they host a benefit concert to which the proceeds are directed to various charitable groups. This year, ALL of the proceeds went to TCASK. When Susan McBride, who coordinated the concert, informed of this, we were thrilled. Susan worked hard to ensure that we had some A-list acts as well as great publicity—both were achieved. Thank you so much Susan for making this a great night.

The night at Third and Lindlsey was kicked off by the young, but very talented Sarah Lenore. It then shifted gears to the attorney roots rock group, The Reprieves. I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first to hear a band made up of lawyers, but my skepticism turned to wonder as I watched and listened to a passionate band made up of passionate attorneys—including John Blume and Keir Weyble. I feel very privileged to have met these two amazing individuals who have dedicated their lives to one of the toughest fields in law. A very special thanks goes out to John and Keir who helped make the concert a success.

Next up was Nashville’s own Jonell Mosser. Jonell did not disappoint and I am looking forward to hearing her amazing voice in the near future. After Jonell came Joshua Black Wilkins. Wilkins got the house rocking with a fast paced alt-country that had everyone nodding their heads and tapping their feet. Last, but certainly not least, was Grammy award winning artist Jon Langford. Jon was equally impressive and capped of an amazing night to which everyone in attendance was in awe. Thanks to all the artists who devoted their time and effort to this fantastic night of activism and music—two things I am very fond of.

A slide show of pictures taken by our very talented TCASK photogs Harry and Karan Simpson can be found HERE.

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