Another Late and Wild Saturday Night for TCASK


Sadly, I cannot report a night of partying, clubbing, dancing, playing chess, etc. on Saturday night. And why? you might ask. I mean I’m socially inept, but not that socially inept, right?

Well, I’m going to reserve comment on that one, but, in this particular case, I can manage an excuse other than my lack of social graces (I don’t always play bridge with my grandmother on Friday nights!) You see, while most of y’all were sleeping peacefully on Sunday morning around say 7:00 AM, I was lucky enough to be a guest on “Christian Dissent,” a two-hour Sunday morning radio show that I really encourage everyone to check out. I was lucky enough to be given almost a whole hour and our conversation really ran the gamut, from mental illness to issues of innocence to biblical perspectives on capital punishment. You can all listen to the entire show by clicking on the link below:

It’s really inspiring to hear young Christian voices raised for the causes of social justice and truly seeking out the apostolic path. More than inspirational, these are voices that will, in my estimation, be essential to our winning the fight against capital punishment.

So listen to the link and the show regularly, either podcast or live if you’re awake. Hopefully I’ll sound witty and urbane and not socially inept. At least, hopefully, we got ‘er done!

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