Another Extension to the Paul House Case

Paul House’s retrial has been extended once again. Now, the House case is set for June 1, 2009, almost a year after he was released from prison on bail. Thanks to an anonymous donor, House was released but has been on house arrest since that time.

Paul House was convicted of the 1985 murder of Carolyn Muncey. In 2007 DNA evidence brought to question House’s participation in the tragic killing. The trial was set for last October, then reset to March 3o and now the defense has requested a continuance in order for them to perform further DNA tests on the evidence including: fingernail clippings, a cigarette butt, and a pair of jeans. This evidence has been in the hands of prosecution for years and now the defense is taking the next 45 days to test and evaluate the evidence in order to rule out all past suspects in the crime, as well as, Paul.

TCASK has worked closely with Paul and his family over the past few years as they continue to struggle to secure his innocence and freedom. We are hopeful that this further testing brings good news for Paul House but recognize that the court ruled for a timely retrial in 2007 and the preparation process is continually lengthening the resolution to this crime.

Knoxville’s Story on the extension: Click Here

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