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on tuesday in the nashville city paper a letter to the editor appeared that bridged a divide that we often find in our outreach work … while we support broad criminal justice system reforms, tcask is a single-issue organization precisely for this reason … the issue of the death penalty, as the lil’ jesuit dude likes to say, cuts a weird swath across political and social groupings … allies on this issue are not likely to be all buddy-buddy on issues across the board … for example, the anti-death penalty movement attracts people from both the “pro-choice” and “pro-life” movements … it creates a fine line that we must walk as organizers and explains why tcask is a narrowly focused single-issue group …

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To the Editor:

I have been confused about the “right to life” debate for quite some time now.

Every person I have ever met who claimed to be “Pro-Life” has answered my question “So you’re against the death penalty?” with a resounding “No!” Confusing, to say the least. How can you be pro-life and pro-death at the same time?

So I called Tennessee Right To Life and asked if any of the funds from the “Choose Life” license plates would be used to fight the death penalty. Confusion reigned on the other end of the line with everyone telling me they were just volunteers and didn’t know the answer. All said they would have someone call me back to explain their position on the death penalty. I’m still waiting, and, thankfully, not holding my breath.

Anyway, can anyone explain this dichotomy to me?

Dr. J.L. Brockman

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