Alex Rocked!

I hope some of you caught Alex and Senator Doug Jackson this morning on MSNBC. They were discussing Senator Jackson’s bill to expand the death penalty in Tennessee to cover child rape. Though Alex graciously recognized that Senator Jackson is clearly concerned for the safety of Tennessee’ children, as we all are, he also thoughtfully pointed out the problems with such an expansion. With the death penalty on the table for rape, perpetrators have no incentive to keep their victims alive. Furthermore, child rape is already vastly underreported, as often the rapist is a family member or friend. The knowledge that a perpetrator could receive the death penalty may keep more children from reporting the crime, leaving more rapists on the streets to reoffend.

Alex also made the point that you cannot take back an execution if an error is made. A few years ago in Tennessee, a man was released after being sentenced to 99 years for a rape that he did not commit. Expanding the death penalty will only lead to more mistakes which can never be made right if someone is executed.

Thanks to Alex for a well informed and powerful presentation on the shortcomings of this bill–and all on national TV!

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