On Wednesday August 22nd, at 6:20 p.m. the State of Texas executed Johnny Conner, the 400th execution for Texas since 1976. What a sad day it is when one state in this country has made it to that benchmark.

400 lives lost. 400 lives extinguished from existence because we continue to believe that killing them will teach others not to kill. 400 families mourned those 400 lives. Can anyone dispute this? Many out there would like to dismiss those families and remain solely concerned with the families of the victims. Aren’t both families’ victims? Can we not feel for the family of a killer who is killed? I know I can. What about the cases where a husband killed a wife, or a mother killed a child, those families are forced to relive that pain once more.

400 times the State of Texas has killed an individual in the name of every citizen in that state. Texas has almost 21 million people and 400 times there were death certificates with cause of death “homicide” issued in the name of those 21 million. Pain is pain. Suffering is suffering. What will it take for that to end? The killing of innocents, the mentally retarded and the mentally ill apparently has no effect. Will it take 1000 executions for people to stop and realize that this can no longer go on? I pray that it does not and that these numbers and statistics that represent the dehumanization of human beings will someday come to an end.

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