The Cases

Currently, no executions are scheduled in Tennessee because of problems with the lethal injection protocol.

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Gary Sutton awaits execution for the murder of his close friend, Tommy Griffin. Gary has always fiercely maintained his innocence.  

Gary’s case is riddled with errors. There is no direct evidence of his guilt. The only scientific evidence linking Gary to the case was offered by a now disgraced state medical examiner who lied on the stand and was stripped of his medical license. Moreover, there are other credible suspects who had motive and opportunity to commit Tommy’s murder.  

With the death penalty in Tennessee reserved for only the most certain and heinous of circumstances, the State should not put to death a man whose conviction is flawed in so many ways and where so many questions still remain 30 years later.  

Gary should not be put to death. 

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Christa Pike, the only woman on Tennessee’s death row, has asked the courts to review her case. If executed, she would be the only individual in Tennessee in the modern era to be executed for actions taken when she was 18 and the first woman executed in Tennessee in more than 200 years.
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