One Last Trial for Philip Workman’s Family

Yesterday, U.S. District Judge Todd Campbell ruled that an autopsy could be performed on Philip Workman’s body, despite the fact that such a procedure would violate Workman’s beliefs as a Seventh Day Adventist. Judge Campbell ruled that, ““While Mr. Workman’s religious beliefs are sincere and worthy of consideration, they do not outweigh the medical examiner’s interest in confirming that the manner of death complied with the requirements of the law.” Read the judge’s entire ruling here.

Of course this means that Philip Workman’s family will have to endure one more attack on their loved one, having already seen his last wish denied, celebrations in Memphis at his death, and the horror of having their loved one executed.

I can appreciate the need to know whether or not the execution process is humane, but a better way to ensure this would have been to actually develop an execution protocol that doesn’t mirror the protocols that have already produced botched executions in other states. And we should point out that, with no medical personnel involved, even if Workman’s execution was carried out relatively “humanely” that does not ensure that another execution would be. Why not take a serious look at the very real problems with the three drug cocktail instead of simply making a few cosmetic changes and leaving it up to chance?

Also, the Nashville Scene has a terrific article of Philip Workman this week. Check it out.

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